Wicked City
Wicked City
Wicked City
Wicked City
Wicked City
Wicked City
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Our Rating: 5 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Special Edition


Wicked City is a chilling creep-fest of a movie guaranteed to give you nightmares for weeks and to send you racing out to force all of your friends to watch it. It is that good.

Even though the style of the animation dates it to early 90s origins, Wicked City is as enjoyable and modern as any live action horror flick coming out of Hollywood today. An excellent story, superb direction and engaging characters create a world that draws the viewer in and makes them forget about time, walking the dog or calling Aunt Mildred. In fact, the only thing that they will worry about is that tapping sound from the other room or did that shadow in the corner just move?

The excellent quality of Urban Vision's DVD should also commended. Often with older movies, the DVDs appear to be nothing more than transfers of the existing VHS stock and the quality is poor. Not only is the visual quality high, but Urban Vision even went to the trouble of creating a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound track for the English language track. It is rich and perfect for this film. The Japanese language track is only 2 channels but preserves the original atmosphere well.If you or someone you know are the sort who like to dim the lights, pop a big bowl or popcorn and then get the !@#$ scared out of you, then this is your film.

Volume 1: "Special Edition" Plot Summary:

Since time began, there have been two worlds existing side-by-side. One is the world of the humans and the other is the world of the demons. And throughout their long history, there has been conflict and war. But for the last few centuries, peace has reigned. Thanks to a treaty signed between the two groups, the all-out warfare has been silenced but small skirmishes still remain.

This is the reason that the Black Guard exists. An elite team of operatives created to combat rouge demons who desire to disrupt the peace. Like a team of supernatural supermen, these warriors hold simple cover jobs, such as salesmen at large electronics firms, but display their unique abilities when called upon. Wicked City follows the path of one of these men, Taki Renzaburo.

Taki receives orders to protect an important negotiator, Giuseppi Mayart, who will represent humanity during the next peace treaty conference. Because of the extreme importance of the mission and the intentions of demon terrorist to stop the talks at all costs, Taki is given a demon partner, Makie. Makie is a "perfect beauty" but just as deadly as she is pretty. Together, they have to fend off numerous assaults and deliver Mayart safely or it could be the end of the world.

Series Details

Genre: Science Fiction
Format: DVD
Type: Movie
Languages: English & Japanese with subtitles
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Hideyuki Kikuchi
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Character Designer: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Music: Osamu Shooji
Animation Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Animation Studio: Unavailable
Japanese Producers:
Hideyuki Kikuti
Tokuma Syoten Video Art
Japan Home Video

American Producers: Urban Vision

Volume 1 Information

Title: Special Edition
Running Time: 82
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 1

Episode Titles

1: Wicked City

Volume Synopsis

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