Sins of the Sisters
Sins of the Sisters
Sins of the Sisters
Sins of the Sisters
Sins of the Sisters
Sins of the Sisters
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Our Rating: 1 star
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Sins of the Sisters


A pathetic and miserable piece of animation, Sins of the Sister is awful.

It purports to be a great epic spanning time and even the boundaries of life and death with a pedigree drawn from the involvement of Moriyasu Taniguchi (City Hunter, Captain Harlock) and Osamu Honda (Dominion Tank Police) but it really is mishmash of thin characters, uneven animation and ridiculous plots.

It is probably not helped by its transliteration because the story is so "out there".On the back of the VHS package it says "A Destiny Betrayed" in bold yellow letters; "A Viewer Betrayed" is a more accurate description.

Volume 1: "Sins of the Sisters" Plot Summary:

Thin at best, the plot for Sins of the Sisters is as follows...

Betrayed and sold into slavery by the Pope, a young, naive crusader called Hans, decides suicide (despite his constant and zealous devotion to his Catholic beliefs which would tell him that suicide is one of the greatest of sins) is his only option.

As he dies, he pleads for vengeance (again in conflict with his pious nature) and is reincarnated as a teenage girl called Aiko.

In this new, present day life, Aiko finds herself cast in the dual role of leader of a rebellion of heavily-armed schoolgirls bent on world peace through force and as the lover of a number of the said schoolgirls.

Since all pretenses of reality are being tossed to the wind, there is magic involved and Aiko and her school-aged mercenaries find themselves traveling back in time to encounter Aiko's former self, Hans.

There, they have to prevent Hans from being killed before Hans can kill himself (thus preserving the creation of Aiko). Improbable and excruciating to watch, avoid Sins of the Sisters at all costs.

Series Details

Genre: Adult Content
Format: VHS
Type: OAV
Languages: English VHS, Japanese w/subtitles VHS, or Multilingual DVD
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Hide Takatori
Director: Uncredited
Character Designer: Moriyasu Taniguchi
Music: Yasuhiro Iwata
Animation Director: Moriyasu Taniguchi
Animation Studio: J.C. Staff
Japanese Producers:
Hide Takatori
St. Michaela Project

American Producers: US Manga Corps/Central Park Media

Volume 1 Information

Title: Sins of the Sisters
Running Time: 100
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 2

Episode Titles

1: Part 1
2: Part 2

Volume Synopsis

Sorry, a synopsis of this volume is currently unavailable.

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