Puni Puni Poemy
Puni Puni Poemy
Puni Puni Poemy
Puni Puni Poemy
Puni Puni Poemy
Puni Puni Poemy
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Our Rating: 4 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Puni Puni Poemy


Part way through the outrageously funny and furiously paced Excel Saga, a cute but hapless magical girl called Poemi makes a brief appearance. Luckily for us that was not her last moment. Building on the insanity they began with Excel and freed from the restrictions of broadcast television, the creators of Excel Saga let it all hang out and leave no sacred cow untoppabled with this no-holds-barred comedy.

Meet the delightfully twisted Aasu sisters, seven ladies who take every female anime stereotype and push them right over the edge. Add in poor little orphan Poemi Watanabe, who dreams of becoming a professional voice actress, magical dead fish, terrorists and a healthy dose of S&M and you have the recipe for seriously demented fun.

Great animation and superb voice acting make Puni Puni Poemy a guilty pleasure you are sure to enjoy!

Volume 1: "Puni Puni Poemy" Plot Summary:

In the first episode, Poemi is In a Bad Mood, we meet ultra-hyperactive Poemi Watanabe, a school-age girl with dreams of being a voice actress. In course of 25 minutes, she blows up the family kitchen, mows down dozens of pets and bystanders, has an intimate moment with a classmate, loses her parents to a space alien, moves in with seven insane sisters and becomes a super-heroine. No sacred cow is left standing.

In the second and final episode, With a Dream Greater Than Earth, Poemi and the gang take the insanity even further. Pomei uses her powers indiscriminatingly, blowing up friend and foe alike. The girls alternately try to stop and seduce her, and the video staff reaches beyond the boundaries of anime to find new targets for their satire. From Star Wars to Japanese culture, nothing is left untouched.

Series Details

Genre: Adult Content
Format: DVD
Type: OAV
Languages: English & Japanese with subtitles
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: J.C. Staff/Victor Entertainment
Director: Shinichi Watanabe
Character Designer: Satoshi Ishino
Music: Toshiro Masuda
Animation Director: Unavailable
Animation Studio: J.C. Staff
Japanese Producers:
J. C. Staff
Victor Entertainment

American Producers: ADV Films

Volume 1 Information

Title: Puni Puni Poemy
Running Time: 60
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 2

Episode Titles

1: Poemi is In a Bad Mood
2: With a Dream Greater Than Earth

Volume Synopsis

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