Ninja Cadets
Ninja Cadets
Ninja Cadets
Ninja Cadets
Ninja Cadets
Ninja Cadets
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Our Rating: 3 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Ninja Cadets


A serviceable story with competent character design and animation, Ninja Cadets is firmly in the middle of pack.

Volume 1: "Ninja Cadets" Plot Summary:

Ninja Cadets is a story about hidden powers and identities. After one clan defeats another in what is suppose to be feudal Japan (did they really have huge mechanical monster and searchlights back then?), the survivors of the defeated clan disappear into the forest with their infant princess. There, they raise her to be a ninja and leave her unaware of her own status.

Then the day arrives when the young cadets of the ninja school are ready for their last exam. They are challenged with penetrating the old family castle and recover the greatest treasure, a scroll which is said to contain immense power when wielded by the true princess.

Series Details

Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: DVD
Type: OAV
Languages: English VHS, Japanese w/subtitles VHS, or Multilingual DVD
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Eiji Suganuma
Director: Eiji Suganuma
Character Designer: Eiji Suganuma
Music: Takeo Miratsu
Animation Director: Fumitomo Kizaki
Animation Studio: AIC
Japanese Producers:

American Producers: Anime Works

Volume 1 Information

Title: Ninja Cadets
Running Time: 60
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 2

Episode Titles

1: Episode 1
2: Episode 2

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