Hex Files: Magical Twilight 1,2,3
Hex Files: Magical Twilight 1,2,3
Hex Files: Magical Twilight 1,2,3
Hex Files: Magical Twilight 1,2,3
Hex Files: Magical Twilight 1,2,3
Hex Files: Magical Twilight 1,2,3
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Our Rating: 3 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Complete Collection


Innocuous but sweet - Hex Files/Magical Twilight can be best described as boy with too many girls meets magic story.

The basic premise is one that has been seen many times before; a goofy but charming boy becomes the center of attention for a range of girls and there is a challenge that must be overcomed if love is to be realized.

In this case, the boy is a college student trying to graduate and the girls are witches for whom the boy is their final exam.The animation, produced by the well-known firm of AIC, is slightly better than average for the genre but the time that elasped between the production of each installment is apparent in the changes in drawing styles and coloring.

Volume 1: "Complete Collection" Plot Summary:

Episode 1:

In the first installment, Tsukasa Tachibana, a struggling college student, finds his life complicated when two white magic witches, Chipple and Irene, move in with him.

Chipple and Irene are there because they are also students. Neither of them passed their written exams and so they have been assigned to complete a practical exam. In order to past, they must make a favorable impression upon Tsukasa.

Complicating the issue is black magic witch called Liv. She is here to complete her studies as well. The big difference is that instead of needing to make a favorable impression on Tsukasa, she is required to kill him. Let the fun begin!

Episode 2:

Chipple is back and, with a little help from her magic, she manages to conjure up a vacation to a hot spring. But, before they can even get there, trouble arrives in the form of Irene, the sexually aggressive schoolmate of Chipple.

Once they arrive at the spring, Tsukasa seems to waste no time in becoming a reluctant babe magnet. Not only do Chipple and Irene desire him, but the hotel's lovely manager and her daughter are lusting for him as well.

Complicating things is a mysterious force that affects Chipple and Irene, rendering the magic useless and a young cute guy called Seiichi, who captures Irene's eye.With so many women after him and so many opportunities for nudity, what will Tsukasa ever do?

Episode 3:

Still at the hot springs, Tsukasa and Chipple now find themselves thrust into the role of counselor for Ayako, the innkeeper and her teenage daughter.

Minori, the daughter, is bored with the life in a small resort town and desperately wants to go to the big city to seek her fame and fortune. Ayako only wants to protect her only daughter from becoming hurt.

Things go from bad to worst when Chipple decides to use magic to solve the problem. Now everyone's relationships have been changed or erased. Can the damage be reversed?

Series Details

Genre: Adult Content
Format: DVD
Type: OAV
Languages: Japanese (with subtitles) Only
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Yuhki
Director: Toshiaki Komura
Character Designer: Junichi Mihara
Music: Bang Heads
Animation Director: Akinobu Takahashi
Animation Studio: AIC
Japanese Producers:
Pink Pineapple

American Producers: SoftCell

Volume 1 Information

Title: Complete Collection
Running Time: 75
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 3

Episode Titles

1: Episode 1
2: Episode 2
3: Episode 3

Volume Synopsis

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