Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats

Our Rating: 4 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Bulletproof!


A rollicking adventure set in Chicago and based on the very popular manga of the same name (by Kenichi Sonoda), Gunsmith Cats is a blast. It is as close to good old-fashioned American (Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch, etc.) crime action show as you are going to find in anime.

The characters have been drawn very faithfully to Sonoda-san's designs and the cars and guns have received the same loving attention as well. The animators went to great lengths (including traveling to Chicago to get a sense of the city, interviewing actual US policemen, shooting the guns, and driving the cars) to make the action seem as real as possible. The music also deserves special recognition as it is outstanding. All-in-all, this is one that will please almost everyone.

Volume 1: "Bulletproof!" Plot Summary:

Rally Vincent and May Hopkins are two female bounty hunters living and working in the city of Chicago. Rally is a marksmanship of unsurpassed skill and owns three things that are closer to her heart than anything else; her gun store, her Czech pistol and her beloved Shelby GT 500 Mustang. May, on the other hand, lives her life freely and loves to blow things up her enormous collection of bombs and grenades.

While tracking down a fugitive who skipped bail, Rally and May soon finds themselves caught up in a much bigger conspiracy that eventually brings Rally face to face with her toughest enemy.

Series Details

Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: DVD
Type: OAV
Languages: English VHS, Japanese w/subtitles VHS, or Multilingual DVD
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Kenichi Sonoda
Director: Takeshi Mori
Character Designer: Kenichi Sonoda
Music: Peter Erskine
Animation Director: Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Animation Studio: OLM-Oriental Light & Magic
Japanese Producers:
Kenichi Sonoda

American Producers: ADV Films

Volume 1 Information

Title: Bulletproof!
Running Time: 90
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 3

Episode Titles

1: Neutral Zone
2: Swing High!
3: High Speed Edge

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