Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic

Our Rating: 4 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 7
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1: Mission.01
2: Mission.02
3: Mission.03
4: Mission.04
5: Mission.05
6: Mission.06
7: Mission.07

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Kaname is a bright, bubbly schoolgirl. She has long, pretty hair, beautiful eyes, and a winning smile. And the most fearsome, nastiest terrorists in the world want her - badly. Why? Well, that's why you have to watch. But, between gun-toting students, super-secret submarines, and Kaname's hair-trigger anger, the terrorist have their work cut out for them.

Full Metal Panic is another hit from Gonzo, the studio behind other high-energy series such as Gate Keepers, Vandread, and Real Bout High School. As with those previous outings, Gonzo has deftly blended superb action with entertaining comedy. One moment you are on the edge of your seat feeling every blow and gunshot and then are rolling with laughter the next. It's their gift and Full Metal Panic is the highest example of it.

The quality of the animation is amazing. Rich colors, crisp drawing and an immersive sound experience all combine to suck the viewer into its world. A worthy addition to any anime, action, or comedy fans must see list.

Volume 1: "Mission.01" Plot Summary:

Plot Summary Unavailable.

Series Details

Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: DVD
Type: Series
Languages: English & Japanese with subtitles
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Shouji Gatou
Director: Koichi Chigira
Character Designer: Osamu Horiuchi
Music: Toshihiko Sahashi
Animation Director: Shoji Murahama
Animation Studio: Gonzo
Japanese Producers:
Shouji Gatou

American Producers: ADV Films

Volume 1 Information

Title: Mission.01
Running Time: 100
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 4

Episode Titles

1: The Guy I Kinda Like Is A Sergeant
2: I Want To Protect You
3: Lingerie Panic
4: Kidnap

Volume Synopsis

Sorry, a synopsis of this volume is currently unavailable.

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