Crest of the Stars
Crest of the Stars
Crest of the Stars
Crest of the Stars
Crest of the Stars
Crest of the Stars

Our Rating: 5 stars
Reader’s Rating: 0 stars

Total # of Volumes: 4
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1: To The Stars
2: The Politics of War
3: Wayward Soldiers
4: Into the Unknown


A wonderfully realized space epic in the tradition of Star Trek or Star Wars, Crest of the Stars is rewarding viewing on multiple levels.
The story, based on the science fiction novels of Hiroyuki Morioka, is deep, complex, and thoroughly developed. It involves two young people caught in the middle of a three-way competition for dominance in the universe. All of this is accomplished with an emphasis on the characters and the story, so instead of giving into the impulsive to use the latest 3D graphics and trendy camera tricks, Director Yasuchika Nagaoka uses beautiful clean animation, sweeping dramatic music, and superb timing to tell the tale.

This being an anime based on a series of popular novels, the pace may be a bit slow for those weaned on Outlaw Star but is perfect for those who have enjoyed Wings of Honneamise or Gasaraki. But anyone who is willing to sit back with a bowl of hot popcorn in their lap and allow themselves to be swept up in the adventures and lives of a distant universe will not regret a single minute.

Volume 1: "To The Stars" Plot Summary:

Jinto Lin is a normal young boy growing up on a remote planet. One night, his entire life changes when a massive space fleet appears above his world and informs the world that they are now part of the Humankind Empire of the Abh. Their only option is to accept the offer or being destroyed.

Jinto's father negotiates the terms and is made a member of the Abh's nobility for his efforts. In turn, Jinto is forced to relinquish his "humanity" and become an Abh (though in name and association only). As a young noble Abh, he is sent to study at the Abh schools in preparation for his new life.

Jinto meets his first Abh, a young women called Lafiel Abriel, years later after completing his training. Now a young man, he finds himself caught up in an adventure much larger than him when he and Lafiel are swept up into an all-out rebellion between the Abh and an organization called the United Mankind.

Series Details

Genre: Science Fiction
Format: DVD
Type: Series
Languages: English VHS, Japanese w/subtitles VHS, or Multilingual DVD
Video: 4:3 NTSC Standard Aspect Ratio
Audio: 2.0 Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Hiroyuki Morioka
Director: Yasuchika Nagaoka
Character Designer: Keisuke Watabe
Music: Katsuhisa Hattori
Animation Director: Takuro Shinbo
Animation Studio: Sunrise
Japanese Producers:
Hiroyuki Morioka
Hayakawa Publishing

American Producers: Bandai Entertainment

Volume 1 Information

Title: To The Stars
Running Time: 100
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 4

Episode Titles

1: Invasion
2: Kin of the Stars
3: Daughter of Love
4: Surprise Attack

Volume Synopsis

Sorry, a synopsis of this volume is currently unavailable.

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