Blood The Last Vampire
Blood The Last Vampire
Blood The Last Vampire
Blood The Last Vampire
Blood The Last Vampire
Blood The Last Vampire

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Total # of Volumes: 1

1: Blood The Last Vampire

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While the Vietnam war ravages southeast Asia, another menace terrorizes the citizens living in and around the US Air Force base at Yokota, Japan. Hideous monsters dine on these poor souls and only one girl has the skill and power to stop them.

Blood: The Last Vampire breaks ground on many fronts. It is one of the first completely digitally created animes (this means that all aspects of production-coloring, effects, camera work-were done on a computer), the characters speak their native languages (i.e. Americans speak English and Japanese speak Japanese) and the process in which this video was created was very innovative.

The story is an assemblage of two different concepts that were developed in a workshop. Production I.G. then combined the two concepts and produced the result as a test bed for new techniques. The reward for all this effort is a spectacular film that has the feel of glossy Hollywood action thriller while still drawing upon the rich tapestry of Japanese animation. All aspects of this film are great.

Volume 1: "Blood The Last Vampire" Plot Summary:

Saya is a mysterious young women. Trouble seems to follow her every step and if you cross her, that just might be your last move.

In this troubled time, as the Vietnam War is being waged nearby, the American Air Force has trouble closer to home on their base at Yokota, Japan. On the eve of Halloween, they find themselves facing monsters that are all too real. These creatures, who appear normal until it is too late, stalk their victims like wolves among the fold.

But a team of three, Saya and two American agents, have sworn to root out these creatures and destroy them. Using her incredible speed and superb skills with a sword, Saya combats the creatures across the base in furious sequence of action scenes.

Series Details

Genre: Horror
Format: DVD
Type: Movie
Languages: English & Japanese with subtitles
Video: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen Ratio
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
American Release Status: Unavailable

Series Staff
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Creator: Production I.G.
Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Character Designer: Kazuchika Kise
Music: Yoshihiro Ike
Animation Director: Kazuchika Kise
Animation Studio: Production I.G./Xebec
Japanese Producers:
Production I.G.
IG Plus

American Producers: Manga Entertainment

Volume 1 Information

Title: Blood The Last Vampire
Running Time: 45
Number of Episodes On This Volume: 1

Episode Titles

1: Blood The Last Vampire

Volume Synopsis

Sorry, a synopsis of this volume is currently unavailable.

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