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How would you prefer anime to be released?

Sold on DVDs with 3 to 5 episodes each and released every 6 to 8 weeks.

Entire season of a series, collected into one set, and sold on DVD without individual DVDs released.

Shown on the Internet or television via a pay-per-view or subscription service with new episodes every week.

Shown on the Internet or television for free with pre, post and interior advertisements, with new episodes every week.

Via You Tube or Bit Torrent for free but with premium DVD versions available.

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Welcome to Omoshiroi Anime.

Omoshiroi Anime focuses on providing the best in-depth information about virtually every Japanese Animation (Anime) title released in America.

How do we do this?

By providing you with great reviews, images, QuickTime™ previews, and summaries of the anime you love.

We also have a great news section, an Anime Marketplace offering the best anime products available from, top 10 lists and advanced searches that let you dive deeper into the anime universe.

So jump on in!

You can start by checking out the anime featured in our Have You Seen...? below, pick from either the titles list or top 10 page or enter a title into the search box that appears in the upper right of every page.

No matter which way you begin, you’ll quickly discover that we live up to our name: Omoshiroi Anime (it means "Interesting/Entertaining Animation" in Japanese).

Current Stats

There are 675 unique series, OAVs, and movies in our anime database.
That’s over 5,400 episodes (or more than 2,700 hours), folks!

Have You Seen...?
A Chinese Ghost Story
Our Rating: 4 out of 5
Category: Action/Adventure

image from A Chinese Ghost Story
image from A Chinese Ghost Story
image from A Chinese Ghost Story
image from A Chinese Ghost Story

Tsui Hark, the Hong Kong action director, has successfully applied his trademark style of "perpetual motion" to this anime adaptation of his original live action film. A Chinese Ghost Story is a story of love conquering all that is filled with action, comedy, and hummable tunes which combine perfectly...Read the full review

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